St. Rose Park - St. Charles Parish

Ed Mentor Ben Parquet.JPG

With the help of St. Charles Parish and The Evans Family, we've acquired the land you see

here, in the Elkinsville subdivision.  This land is adjacent Preston Hollow & Turtle Creek

where our Founder, Ed Reed, grew up.

Since his youth, the former park in the neighborhood was turned into housing.


The lack of a proper park in these neighborhoods is something

we are fixing and need your help to do it.

As you see in, we are built a large 30x100 yard multipurpose turf field.  

Two Basketball Courts.  

An open area for picnics, cookouts and more.  A playground for children.

A parking lot and even a new road into the park.  

We are proud to provide the families of this area a safe place to play,

be a community and be a family.

We know we can count on you to help!